There is no other person on earth like you.  You are truly an individual who is unique, complex and alive!  You may feel more alive some days than others and today may be one of those days.

We will find a path together that is comfortable for you with many different methods to choose from.  Contact


Trauma Relief
Sexual Healing
Nutritional Wellness
Integrative Body Therapy
Stress Management
Addiction Recovery
Mindfulness Relapse Prevention
Nervous System Regulation


Two people sharing, building, joining….In a relationship, dating, friends, engaged, married, divorced, co-parenting….there are so many types of couples today it can get confusing. 

Let us discover your peaceful ways to communicate.  Raise your relationship awareness and journey towards reconnection.


Relate, Identify, Belong.  Group therapy offers a unique experience to discover and experience with others.  People find comfort, an opportunity to learn, observe, listen, express thoughts and feelings with others who share a commonality. Contact

Available Groups:

Recovery                          Career

Grief                                 Trauma

Health & Wellness             Exploring Spiritual

Stress Reduction               Mindful Education


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Begin your journey towards quality living and reduce the intensity of overwhelming thoughts and emotions.  EMDR is endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association & the American Psychological Association as a proven method.

EMDR is an evidenced based psychotherapy effective in the treatment of PTSD.  EMDR has success in reducing variety of symptoms including:

Anxiety, Stress, Grief, Trauma, Distressing Memories, Pain and Addictions

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