As I brought my gallons of water refills into the office, I had a moment of perspective thinking of the women in villages without water who have to walk miles with maybe the same amount, maybe less, maybe more. They never knew what they would find on their journey there or back. As I walk simply from my car up the stairs into my office, I noticed the desire to want to make this process easier and the gratefulness I have that it is this easy. It's important to recognize both perspectives. How can we change our perspective when we get inside our impulsive nature and our desire for the immediate? The practice of waiting is counterintuitive, something my subconscious is not a fan of. What I find when I do wait is that I'm okay. I guess I would like to focus more on what I do while I wait and how I wait for whatever it is I want. Most of the time it has to do with what I want, rarely what I absolutely need. I'm grateful today... until next time.