Anger Management

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When you’re angry, is it hard to act like yourself?  Do you start name-calling? Fixate on the problem or person?  Do you get angry when someone wants you to open up and share your feelings? Do you lack patience or get triggered or activated easily? Are your family, friends or kids afraid to talk to you or walk on egg shells around you?  

Do you find yourslef annoyed, frustrated, resentful or traffic (be honest), with family or with that friend that was suppose to text you back and it's been a day or two and you know they could have?

No one wants to admit they get angry, especially when it gets out of control and hurts the ones we love.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to consider anger management therapy.

Peaceful communication has proven to be effective for the following types of individuals:

  • Um, well, anyone really!!
  • People who display aggressive, passive aggressive or even detached or numb behaviors
  • People affected by behavioral changes associated with traumatic brain injury
  • People who experience behavioral changes associated with post traumatic stress
  • People experiencing substance dependency or undergoing recovery
  • People with cognitive or mental health issues that make it difficult to control anger

Anger issues aren’t uncommon and the first step towards change is an admittance of the problem. Learning to stop isn’t as simple as some may think, but together we can come up with a game plan tailored exclusively to you.

If you or someone you know is experiencing anger management issues, contact me today for a free consultation.