You're Struggling and I'm Sorry

I'm writing to those that struggle today and just letting you know how sorry I am. It seriously can be tough. Life can be unexpectedly hard. We need to join together and be with each other during these times. It can feel so alone out there when you're in pain and I want you to know, you're not alone. There are so many people I talk with everyday that struggle with such similar things, but today I just want you to know....I'm sorry, it really stinks this is happening and I hope it gets better for you soon. Read this and put your name in the blank as if a friend is reading or saying this to you and take it in. I am honestly sorry ______ that you may be having a bad today. I'm so sorry ______ you're mom/dad passed away before she was suppose to. I'm sorry ______ that your dog died and he shouldn't have. I'm sorry _______ you might have had a or are having a rotten day at work today. I'm so sorry _______ that your belly was/is upset. I'm so sorry______ intuitive eating is not "intuitive" at all! I'm sorry ______ you feel alone tonight and it feels like you're going to die unless you call or text that person who keeps treating you badly. I'm sorry ______ that you may be battling infertility. I'm sorry that you really don't feel like working, lifeing, wifeing, husbanding, playing, parenting.......all of it. I'm sorry ______ that you really wanted that and now really know you can't have it. I'm sorry _______ that you've seemed to have tried all the things and nothing seems to be working. I'm sorry _______ you feel like the world is out to get you and you've had a slew of bad things happening. I'm sorry ______ it seems impossible to think of a better future for yourself. I'm sorry you're in a toxic environment and feel it impossible to get out. I'm sorry your past has caught up with you and aren't sure the next thing to do. I wish it could be different, I wish I had a magic wand, pill, joke, verse, advice that would take it all away; but today I don't. I can just relate and sit with you as you go through this. Please go easy on yourself. How about for now you just rest my friend rest. May you have ease and be well.....until next time.