How Long is 1 Minute"

My son said the other day, " How come when we are doing something fun and you say we have 5 more minutes it's like 1 minute and when we're doing chores and you say we have 5 more minutes it's like 10 more minutes?" "Why is there so much more time when we have to do chores?" I said, "isn't that interesting that time feels so different doing 2 different things?" He didn't find my thought that "interesting", just annoying! But it's true isn't it, about time, fun and chores? Seems like you can do a lot in a minute or nothing at all. Are we willing to pause, take literally just a moment, to be with ourselves, with another, with nature, with whatever it is that we're doing or not doing instead of moving through and onto the next thing? It's hard isn't it? I don't' know if it's possible to have just as much fun doing "chores" as it is doing something "fun", I'm still trying to find that, but I do believe it can happen and I'm willing to keep practicing. So the next time you find yourself annoyed with the never ending laundry, dishes, organizing, work, cleaning or whatever gives you trouble, see just for a moment if you'd be willing to ask a question. And the question is, if I were a child or if I were doing this for fun how would this look different? What would I be doing or thinking that may help this feel a little lighter, a little less burdensome and little more joyful? When we pretend or we borrow our joy or creative mind from someone else, sometimes we come up with something different, a new way to be, a new way to find joy. I wish you the best on this one.....until next time