First Day of School

Do you remember your first day of school? How did you feel? Did it depend on the age, stage and phase of your life? Did it depend on your parents, the environment or the day before? Or did none of it matter and it was always a challenge? I've actually never met (still hope I find them) a person who said no matter what year, what age or what was going on in my life they always looked forward to the first day of school. Most people have a nervous, anxious, excited feeling; are dreading certain parts and looking forward to others. I often wonder what God may be thinking when He sees his children start something new like their first day of anything. I offer you that mind set today. You see, we have judgement based on so many things that come into play that God doesn't even consider. He made us, he knows exactly what's going to happen and whatever it is, it's going to be good at some point. He knows things will be hard as we are not without suffering but in the end, it works out. It is a simple thought; not a cure, and maybe doesn't even help. But just a simple thought about how to think about starting something new. How would God see you starting your first day of, health plan, new job, new relationship, new life goal? When we have a moment to borrow God's eyes and imagine what He sees we gain a different awareness about our own circumstances. On a very small scale, perhaps like watching a really good movie you know turns out great in the end and no matter how many times you watch it, it still makes you feel soo good. So for today, as you start your something new, put on a different pair of eyes just to see things a little differently. Notice how you feel, notice what you may say to a friend to encourage them on their first day and then say that to yourself. And then say that again, again and again in like 20 different ways and 20 different tones, just like you would a friend so that it really as an opportunity to sink in. Best wishes my friend and may you have ease and joy.