Counseling with Kendra

Integrative therapy for Groups Ages 12 and Up

Stress can paralyze your life and has proven to cause havoc mentally, physically and emotionally unless awareness is built and tools are implemented.

Integrative Therapy includes EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Nutritional Wellness, Mindfulness, Somatic, Cognitive, and Behavioral techniques.

Ages 18 and older

Quality Healthy Living 

Integrate your mind, body and spirit discovering how your focus and being mindful can reduce stress, anxiety and other unnecessary suffering.


Healthy Living
Nutritional Wellness
Addiction Recovery
Trauma & Anxiety Relief
Pain & Stress Management

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

An evidenced based psychotherapy effective in the treatment of PTSD.  EMDR has success in reducing variety of symptoms and conditions including Anxiety, Stress, Grief, Trauma, Distressing Memories, Pain and Addictions. Reduce the intensity of overwhelming thoughts and emotions beginning your journey towards quality living.


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